Holley EFI 3.5 Touch Screen LCD


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The touch screen LCD provides a dynamic range of tuning and data monitoring options in a compact 3.5″ LCD display

Full Color, Backlit 3.5” Touch Screen LCD
Laptop-Free Tuning changes to help optimize mileage, driveability and performance
Basic Tuning options allow simple adjustments of Basic Fuel, Fuel Learn, Basic Idle, Spark, Drive-by-Wire, and Transmission
System Tuning options allow modifications to Outputs, Engine Setup, Ignition Setup, and additional Transmission setup
Advanced Tuning options allow fine tuning of Fuel, Closed Loop, Learn, and Idle (including IAC parameters and Idle Spark)
Monitor a vast number of Parameters in Pre-Configured Multi-Gauge and Monitor Screens, or configure your own
Set up ECU Datalogging, Download Datalogs to SD Card, Upload and Download Global Folders via SD Card, Update ECU Firmware and Adjust Rev Limiters 1 and 2
Includes 3.5” Touch Screen, Mounting Sleeve, Power and Extension Harness, SD Card, and User Manual CD
Screen Dimensions: 3.35w x 2.85h x .70″ thick
Sleeve Dimensions: 3.625w x 2.925h x 1.00″ thick

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 5 × 3 in


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